Why Choose ThompsonGas


As the Propane Business Seller, You have Options.

If you’re considering selling your propane company, you’ll be happy to know that with ThompsonGas you have options. We have successfully facilitated many propane acquisitions and understand that every propane business comes with a unique set of specific needs. The majority of our purchases have fallen into one of the following categories:


This is the most traditional situation. In this case, the propane seller is looking forward to retirement and is prepared to move onto to the next stage of their life.


There are certain instances in which the propane seller prefers to remain with the company for the predetermined period of time, usually taking on a smaller role in order to acclimate and intrduce employees and customers to ThompsonGas.


For some propane sellers, remaining active in the business is a priority. We have had great success in specific acquisitions in which propane sellers have selected to remain with ThompsonGas, continuing their career with a true industry leader.


The decision to sell your propane company must not be taken lightly. Here’s just a brief sample of what some of our propane business acquisition owners have to say regarding their experience joining the ThompsonGas family:

When researching a buyer for Cooperative Propane, I was determined to find an organization that would provide my employees the opportunity for growth. I carefully studied the path ThompsonGas was taking, confident with their future plans. It was obvious our team could contribute to this candidate’s vision. Since selling my propane business I’ve watched with great pride as our star employees have continued to evolve with ThompsonGas.

Benny Gay

Cooperative Propane
Andalusia, AL

After working in the business for 60 years, I decided it was time for me to retire from my propane company. I started the process of finding a propane business buyer and had actually consulted with several propane companies. I decided to sell to ThompsonGas. They were the perfect fit, and understood the value of my propane business. I was confident they would continue the valued service my company had provided for my customers, some of whom had been with me since 1946. I also wanted to sell my propane company to a group who would value my current employees and offer them more benefits than I had been able to provide.

Negotiations with ThompsonGas began and were conducted with transparency in a professional, competent, and timely manner. I have been pleased with our business transaction and continue to receive positive reports from my previous employees and customers.

If you are looking to sell your propane business, I highly recommend speaking with ThompsonGas.

David Sarten

Tri-State Gas
Clinton, KY

In 2012 after the death of my business partner and good friend Alton “Bear” Askew, it was decided that we would sell our four location propane distribution company. We had two main criteria as conditions for a sale. One, to sell to a larger company that could provide a fair price for what we had established and, secondly, to find a buyer that would also make a commitment to our employees to evaluate them fairly and provide benefits to them that we could not provide. Of the companies we interviewed only ThompsonGas met this criteria, to which we are continually grateful. If the time has come to sell your propane company, I certainly would recommend selling to ThompsonGas.

Ed Bistany

Fourpoint L.P. Gas
Meriwether County Gas
Coweta County Gas
Luthersville, GA


Being Different Sets Us Apart!

In 1946, when Lloyd and Dortha Thompson opened ThompsonGas in a little Boonsboro storefront, their goal was to always stand apart from the competition. Now, over seventy years later, ThompsonGas is still committed to their vision. The Thompsons owned a general store in the small town until the rise of the propane industry. Propane soon became the newest product being offered by the oil companies. Companies began to pop up everywhere providing a new option for heating and cooking. That’s when the Thompsons decided to take the plunge.

After growing organically for a number of years, their son, Jim Thompson, took over and ran the company from the late 1960s to the 1990s. In 1969, Jim incorporated the company as ThompsonGas & Electric Service Inc. In 1982, he oversaw our company’s first acquisition, People’s Gas of Brunswick, MD. He moved the warehousing operations to a facility located on the southern end of Boonsboro and by 1989 doubled the size of the company

In 1996, Jim Thompson’s son Randy Thompson took the helm. That year he completed the acquisition of Baker & Russell in Shippensburg, PA. The acquisition doubled the size of the company. Randy Thompson decided to expand into new markets and acquired dozens of small, local dealers. During the past decade the company has branched out into 20 states. Over the years the company has continued to grow through propane business acquisitions, providing small business owners a real and viable solution to transition out of the propane industry into whatever they wanted to do. The reason the company’s propane acquisition program is so successful is simple… we care about the owners, their customers and their employees.

We know it’s difficult to make decisions that will impact employees, customers and family. We honor a propane company’s legacy, protect their employees and continue to provide the service that their customers have grown to expect. At ThompsonGas, we’ve learned that “Being Different is a Good Thing.”