Join Our Family Tree And Have More Time For Your Own
Sell My Propane Company

Join Our Family Tree And Have More Time For Your Own. Sell My Propane Company


As a propane business owner, do you experience the following issues?

  • Propane rates and inventory levels become more and more unpredictable.
  • Customer demands continue to become more complicated.
  • It becomes harder to hire and maintain quality employees.
  • Local, state and federal regulations seem to change yearly, making it increasingly more difficult to remain in compliance.
  • Competition continues to increase, reducing your market share.

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and personal time to do the things you really want is nearly non-existent.

Are you constantly reminding yourself that next year will get better? Didn’t you convince yourself of that last year? And the year before that?

What does your future truly hold?

Chances are your propane company started as a proud family business rich in tradition. Perhaps your father built this business, or even your grandfather. You simply can’t turn your back on this heritage.

You’re not alone. There is an answer.

“We understand how important your customers, employees and reputation truly are. Many businesses only consider what your propane company is worth in dollars and cents, but we recognize there is much more to your propane business than that. ThompsonGas prides ourselves on being a close-knit family. We believe in taking care of our customers, employees and propane business owners who have chosen us to carry on their tradition.”

Jeff Kerns, Chief Executive Officer




aqteam-dan-carrigan“I’m Dan Carrigan from ThompsonGas. We understand your situation better than anyone, and we can help. Our propane business focuses on acquiring propane companies, just like yours, maintaining your legacy in a manner that large entities simply don’t have the experience or desire to do.”

Dan Carrigan, Vice President, Business Development




Sell My Propane Company