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No Other Company Will Provide You More Flexibility

We understand that selling your propane business is a difficult decision. ThompsonGas has met and consulted with many propane company owners just like you. When the time is right to sell your propane business, you want to choose a company that shares your values and your vision. At ThompsonGas, we know that the financial aspect of an acquisition is only one of many factors you’ll consider. ThompsonGas will ensure the transition is handled with ease and that no one is left behind during and after the acquisition process. We are pleased to say our biggest strength is our ability to systemize operations and make the transition simple and painless. We believe you deserve a trusted partner who cares as much about the future of your team, your customers and your legacy as you do. ThompsonGas was established over seven decades ago as a family-run propane business. We feel we have made a positive impact in over 20 states and counting. The reason our propane acquisition program has been so successful is quite simple: We really do care about you, your employees, and your customers.

We are dedicated in providing:

• Your employees with a safe, rewarding environment, a competitive salary, industry-leading benefits, and ample career advancement opportunities.

• Your customers with continued friendly, exceptional service and reliability.

• Your legacy with a commitment to be customer and community focused.

Our well-financed acquisition model provides flexible options other buyers may refuse to offer. If you’re looking to retire and possibly leave the industry, transition gradually from the industry or simply want to stay and grow your business, we’ll get you the capital you need without sacrificing your reputation or values. As with your options, our propane purchase structure will be discussed in great detail. In each instance, ThompsonGas works closely with you to ensure you’re in agreement with the specific proposal. Whether you’re just starting to think about selling or you’re ready to sell, ThompsonGas is a company that shares your values and vision for your customers and community.

If you would like to explore your options, please feel free to call us at 866-996-0926 or contact us at [email protected].

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