The ThompsonGas Family

In Any Decision, Family Must Come First


“ThompsonGas is a propane business established over seven decades ago. Over the years we have grown our company through propane business acquisitions, providing owners a real, viable solution to transition out of the propane industry.

Currently, we have made an impact in over 18 states and counting. The reason our propane acquisition program has been so successful is quite simple—we care about you, your company and your employees. Every propane business we have acquired has helped us make an immediate contribution to growing the ThompsonGas family. If you would like to explore your options, please feel free to contact us at anytime.”

Jeff Kerns, ThompsonGas



aqteam-dan-carrigan“Each of us has a unique story, a reason for making our career in the propane industry. Perhaps you’ve worked through the ranks to become the corporate decision maker or you’ve inherited your family’s propane business. Maybe you’ve been placed in the difficult position of addressing your propane company’s profitability. Regardless of the specific reasons you’re considering selling your propane business, ThompsonGas understands.

We know it is difficult to make these types of decisions—choices that will impact employees, customers and family. When you sell to ThompsonGas, you can rest assured we will honor your propane company’s legacy, protect your employees, and continue to provide the service your customers have grown to expect.

You have the option of remaining involved with the propane business, or, you can rely on us to handle all business operations and retire from your propane company giving you the time you deserve to enjoy life. I guarantee, you will always have an open line of communication with ThompsonGas, not a nameless, faceless executive board.

When you feel the time is right to sell your propane business, contact us for a confidential discussion regarding your options.”

Dan Carrigan, ThompsonGas