Tired of all the hurdles to keep your propane business profitable?

Have you considered finding a buyer for your propane company?

With all of the hurdles a small propane company must overcome, we understand how difficult and expensive operating a profitable business can be. Maybe you’ve considered finding a buyer for your propane company, but think it’s too time consuming and complicated. There is a solution to finding the perfect company to acquire your propane business.

Many corporations are only interested in becoming a buyer if they can purchase propane companies at “fire-sale” prices. We’ve grown ThompsonGas via acquisitions by offering owners the proper value for their propane business. We will have confidential discussions with you regarding the actual worth of your company… working with you to come up with an agreement that makes not only sound business sense for ThompsonGas, but also benefits you and your interests.

When ThompsonGas acquires your propane business, we’re able to provide the exposure your propane company needs to grow and continue to be viable. With the financial strength, leadership and propane knowledge of ThompsonGas, you may be surprised how quickly we can help make a positive impact on your operation.

Don’t waste any more time or energy jumping hurdles. Contact Dan Carrigan at 913-638-8677 or Jeff Kerns at 301-432-3882 to find out more about ThompsonGas.