Thinking of Selling Propane Business? It’s Time to Take the First Step.

Pick up the Phone. 866-996-0926If you’re thinking of selling propane business, it’s time to call ThompsonGas.

For over 70 years, the ThompsonGas family has seen and experienced everything involved within the propane industry. Our team has braved brutal winters and treacherous roads in order to ensure our customers received their deliveries on time. We specialize in mobilization, having access to propane even in the most difficult times.

Perhaps our biggest strength is our ability to systemize operations, bringing other propane businesses into the fold without missing a beat, specifically in regards to employee and customer retention as well as maintaining steady profits.

It’s time to take that first step to sell your propane business, contact me at 913.638.8677 or Jeff Kerns at 301.432.3882 for a confidential discussion regarding your options.

We’re here to help.

Dan Carrigan, Vice President, Business Development