Have You Thought About Selling Your Propane Company?

But, Not Sure Where to Begin? 

Whether you’re ready to sell right now or later, we would like the opportunity to discuss your options with you. We believe you deserve a trusted partner who cares as much about the future of your company as you do.

When you partner with us, you won’t get the typical buyout where you become just another acquisition. We have successfully acquired and integrated many businesses like yours. We understand that your most valuable assets are your customers, your employees and your families. You can rest assured that we will honor your company’s legacy, protect your employees, and continue to provide the incredible service your customers have grown to expect.

Our well-financed acquisition model offers flexible options that large, national companies won’t consider. Whether you’re looking to retire and leave the industry, or you want to stay and grow the business, we’ll get you the capital you need to exit or grow, without sacrificing your confidentiality, reputation or values in the process. Try finding a major company willing to do all of this and offer you the flexibility to design a plan that is beneficial to both parties.

To explore your options with ThompsonGas, please feel free to contact Dan Carrigan, 913-638-8677 or Jeff Kerns, 301-432-3882 for a confidential discussion.