ThompsonGas Understands the Service Your Customers Deserve.

Your company never would have become a successful propane business if it weren’t for the dedicated service consistently provided to your customer base. In fact, one of the major valuations of your propane business is the worth of your customer’s happiness. They’ve selected and chose to patronize your company based more on your stellar customer service than your competitive rates. In any business, exceeding customer expectations is crucial to a company’s success.

Today, there are more and more choices for your customers to select from. It’s important to provide more than just propane to your customers, they demand, and deserve, the best experience possible.

When your company or business becomes part of ours, you can rest assured your customer base will become a priority. We understand the valuation of the customers you have worked so hard to build and retain. ThompsonGas takes great pride in ensuring the propane companies we acquire are in good hands, focusing not only on the business owner but also the overall satisfaction of the customer base.

When you choose to sell your propane company to ThompsonGas, you can be confident we will:

  • Care for your employees & customers.
  • Understand and keep your best interests in mind.
  • Provide exposure, growth & financial stability.
  • Pay the proper value of your business & legacy.
  • Maintain your tradition of excellence.

Are you ready to discover how much your propane business is worth? Please contact Jeff Kerns at 301-432-3882 or Dan Carrigan at 913-638-8677 today to discuss all the options regarding selling your propane business. We will be happy to discuss our propane valuation process and detail what your propane business is really worth.