ThompsonGas Propane Acquisition Success Stories

In business for over 70 years, the ThompsonGas family has seen and experienced everything involved within the propane industry. We’ve been through the good times as well as the bad. Our team has braved brutal winters and treacherous roads in order to ensure our customers received their deliveries on time. We specialize in mobilization, having access to propane even in the most difficult times. Perhaps our biggest strength is our ability to systemize operations, bringing other propane businesses into the fold without missing a beat, specifically in regard to employee and customer retention as well as maintaining steady profits.

The achievements of our past propane business acquisitions speak for themselves. Here you will find a brief sampling of just some of our success stories:


A propane owner, in the industry for several decades and approaching retirement, selected ThompsonGas based on our reputation for retaining loyal employee.

All of the employees are still with ThompsonGas and have actively contributed to increasing the original customer base.


Husband and wife business owners, both loving the operations end of the propane business, felt overwhelmed with the pressure of being the sole proprietors.

Choosing to sell to ThompsonGas, they are both currently employed with the company and are an integral part of our regional operations throughout Georgia.


In a unique case, propane owners realized they had grown their business much too quickly, requiring more working capital in order to continue operations.

By joining ThompsonGas, they have access to funds providing a renewed sense of career security, industry activity and business success.

We understand your situation better than anyone, and we can help. Our propane business focuses on acquiring propane companies, just like yours, maintaining your legacy in a manner that large entities simply don’t have the experience or desire to do.

Learn more about the ThompsonGas acquisitions process. Please feel free to contact Dan Carrigan, 913-638-8677 or Jeff Kerns, 301-432-3882 for a confidential discussion.