Thinking About Selling Your Propane Business? Focus on the Details.

Selling a business can be tricky unless you find the right partner. Paying attention to the details can make the transfer of business ownership easier.

This may seem like an obvious explanation, however many times it isn’t. Most small business owners grow their business and take care of customer service needs better than anything else. The reality is, if none of us had to keep records, we certainly wouldn’t. Facing pressures to be profitable and with regulations constantly changing – these things along with the pressures of day-to-day operations and beating the competition, will always win over record keeping. Right?

Often business owners are surprised to learn, when trying to determine if their business is a good candidate for acquisition; that the details of how their company operates, the ability of the business owner to detail the story of their business success in a complete package is a necessary and challenging task.

One absolute when selling your company is that financial planners, accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, lenders, and others will likely all be involved – both on the seller’s side and on the buyer’s side. They will all need information and it may well be more information than you anticipated.

Selling your business is an important undertaking and understanding what is required is critical. ThompsonGas can help you determine what you will need if you are thinking of selling your business either now or in the future.

Learn what is required to sell your propane company. We have been in business for over 70 years and know from experience that we can help. Discover the ThompsonGas difference!

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