The Path Awaits


Think back to when you started working in the propane industry, whether it was just a few years ago or perhaps several decades in the past. There have been hundreds, perhaps even thousands of decisions you’ve made through the course of your career. As a propane business owner you’re responsible for making choices every day. Some judgements don’t have much of an impact on your business while others can totally change the future of your propane company.  Yes, life provides many paths, and the direction you choose for your propane business will have a lasting effect long after you’ve left the industry. 

Dan and I understand the vast amount of decisions that must be made when choosing to sell your propane company. I can’t stress this enough—you need to choose a propane leader who can help guide you through the acquisition process. We are here to help you understand everything you must consider, and, more importantly, what you deserve.

  • You want to be assured your best interests are front and center.
  • You need your customers to be respected and served well.
  • You expect your employees to be provided abundant opportunities.
  • You must select a buyer that will maintain your tradition of excellence.
  • You owe it to your family to receive the proper value for your business and legacy.

When it comes to choosing ThompsonGas as the industry leader to purchase your propane company you can rest assured, it’s all about you.

Please don’t hesitate to call me directly at 301.432.3882 or Dan at 913.638.8677.