Own A Propane Company? Considering Your Next Step?

ThompsonGas understands the challenges encountered every day by propane companies just like yours. Each day brings its own surprises, sometimes making you wonder what the future holds for your family, employees, customers, and yourself.  If you’ve ever considered selling your propane business, we’re here to tell you there’s never been a better time. The following are some of the benefits available with ThompsonGas:

ThompsonGas Will Maintain Your Legacy & Tradition of Excellence

Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories of propane companies that decided to sell their business to larger, corporate entities and it didn’t go well. Unfortunately, we’ve heard them as well, but never from a propane business we’ve acquired. What makes ThompsonGas so different is that we understand the importance of family. When ThompsonGas acquires existing propane businesses, first and foremost, we commit ourselves to maintaining your legacy and tradition of excellence.

ThompsonGas Understands the Service Your Customers Deserve

You built a successful propane business because of the dedicated service consistently provided to your customers. They’ve selected and chosen to remain with you based more on your stellar customer service than your competitive rates. Here at ThompsonGas, we understand that. In any business, exceeding customer expectations is crucial. It’s important to provide more than just propane to your customers, they demand, and deserve, the best service possible. When your company becomes part of ours, you can rest assured your customers will remain a priority!

ThompsonGas Cares About Your Employee’s Growth

Perhaps your major concern is what will become of your employees, the dedicated team that helped you grow your company throughout the years. All too often, when it comes to propane acquisitions, buyers look only at the financial statements, noting existing employees as merely collateral. ThompsonGas places a direct focus on continuing to nurture existing staff, guiding and leading them with advancement opportunities within our organization. Several employees from businesses we have acquired now find themselves in pivotal roles within our organization.

ThompsonGas Will Provide Your Company with Financial Stability, Exposure & Growth

With all of the obstacles a small business must overcome throughout the course of a day, we can appreciate how complicated and expensive operating a profitable company can be. ThompsonGas is able to provide the exposure your propane company needs to grow and continue to be viable. With the financial strength, leadership and propane knowledge of ThompsonGas, you may be surprised how quickly we can help make a positive impact on your operation.

ThompsonGas Pays Market Value for Your Business

Certain corporations are only interested in acquisitions if they can purchase them at “fire-sale” prices. We have grown our company via acquisitions by offering not only market value for your business, but structuring the purchase price so you maximize your after-tax proceeds. We’ll have open conversations with you regarding the value of your company. We will work with you to come to an agreement that makes not only sound business sense for ThompsonGas, but also benefits your interests.

If you would like to explore your options, we would love the opportunity to have a confidential discussion with you. Please call Dan Carrigan, 913-638-8677 or Jeff Kerns, 301-432-3882.