Your Propane Business Can Receive Comments Like This Too

ThompsonGas has recently acquired various propane companies in an effort to provide even more areas of the country with affordable rates on LP gas while offering the phenomenal customer service we have always been known for.

We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, and based on some of the feedback we’ve been receiving it sounds like we’re doing a pretty good job! Here what some of our clients have to say about ThompsonGas.

 Above And Beyond Your Typical Customer Service

“We have been customers of what was previously Cooperative propane and is now ThompsonGas. I am just writing to tell you that we are very pleased with the customer service we have received from your company. When we built our house over 7 years ago, we put in a Fire Magic outdoor grill on our porch. I would say after about 5-6 years the under portion where the gas comes out rusted through. ThompsonGas came out, looked at it for us, and determined that it should be covered under warranty. It took about 9 months to get Fire Magic to send the parts. A lot of other people would have said, ‘Never mind. It’s not my problem! This is too much trouble.’ Not ThompsonGas! Additionally, the office staff, both at your previous Tallassee location and your Montgomery location are very helpful as well. Just wanted to let you know, please keep up the good work!”

                                                               —Name Withheld By Request


Keeping Propane Customers Safe While Saving Them Money

“Our home is tucked away in a hard to get to, unusual piece of property. When ThompsonGas came out to visit we had five separate propane tanks and a confusing system of pipes leading into the house. ThompsonGas gave us a proposal to simplify the tank structure and piping. They took the time to really look at our propane needs. Their solution and competitive propane prices has saved us money and insured a much safer propane system.”

                                                                  – Kevin A.

ThompsonGas: Known For More Than Just Propane

“From the salespeople that I’ve worked with, to the technicians, delivery drivers and customer service reps, the service at ThompsonGas has been tremendous. Every time I call I get in touch with a live person. I’ve had the fireplace serviced and cleaned, and when my remote control and thermostat needed replaced, ThompsonGas came right away and installed a new system and thermostat. I would recommend ThompsonGas in a heartbeat!”

– Alan Z.

If you’re ready to sell your propane company, shouldn’t you consider a leader that truly takes care of their customers?

Call Jeff Kerns at 301.432.3882 or Dan Carrigan at 913.638.8677 to learn more about you can sell your propane business to ThompsonGas.