A Personal Letter From Randy Thompson

Have you thought about selling your company, but worry about what will happen to your employees, customers and reputation, let alone wondering who will pay Uncle Sam? You deserve a trusted partner who cares as much about these issues as you do.

ThompsonGas is a privately owned propane distribution company actively seeking quality acquisitions.

For more than 65 years, the ThompsonGas family has put our customers and dedicated employees first. We understand what it takes to succeed — the hours, the stress and the time away from family. We’ve all responded to emergency calls on cold winter nights, and, when necessary, answered those calls personally. We know what it takes to run a successful propane company.

Your employees won’t become collateral damage and your customers will not be forgotten. We have successfully acquired and integrated many companies just like yours into our business plan. We understand your most valuable assets are your customers, employees and families. We will simplify the amount of “paperwork” and “red tape” handled by the branches, allowing the team more time to focus on exceeding customers requests, daily operations and growing the business. Our centralized propane supply and logistics group always maintains adequate inventory.

Our well-financed acquisition model offers flexible options that large, national companies refuse to consider. Whether you’re looking to retire and leave the industry, or simply want to stay and grow the business, we’ll get you the capital you need without sacrificing your confidentiality, reputation or values. Try finding a major company willing to do all of this while offering the flexibility to design a mutually beneficial plan.

My team and I will be happy to provide a confidential evaluation of your company as well as a proposal that addresses the needs of your employees, customers and owners. Please call Jeff Kerns at 301.432.3882 or you can email me directly at rthomp1@thompsongas.com. 

I look forward to discussing our partnership with you, and truly hope you consider joining the ThompsonGas family.


Randall Thompson
President & CEO