Parting Should Be Painless—And It Can Be

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I’ve been working in the propane industry for so many years I’ve lost count. Well, that’s not really true, I just don’t like to date myself! But moving on to my point, I’ve seen quite a bit in my career. I’ve worked with propane business owners who couldn’t wait to sell their company and, on the other hand, I’ve helped many more who were full of mixed emotions. The truth is, selling your propane business, especially if it’s been in your family for decades, will evoke a variety of feelings.

Parting from your employees and propane customers, many who have become more like family, can be difficult. Anyone who tells you it’s easy to leave long-term industry colleagues, stellar employees and satisfied clients aren’t really being truthful. Since I’m being honest here, it’s important to mention, however, that in certain instances it’s only logical to sell your propane company.

There are propane business owners out there right now who know it’s the right time to look into selling their propane company. Maybe their children have no interest in continuing the family business. Perhaps they realize the importance of succession planning but simply have no one to turn the reigns over to. In certain instances some propane owners feel their service area is too far off the beaten path to even attract a buyer.

Regardless of why an owner feels they need to sell their propane business—no matter the size or location—we’re here to help. ThompsonGas takes great pride in ensuring the propane companies we acquire are in good hands, focusing not only on the business owner but also on the future of the current employees and overall satisfaction of the client base.

Retiring from your propane business doesn’t have to be a painful proposition when you choose to sell to a dedicated, sincere and trustworthy company like ThompsonGas.

If you have any questions about selling your propane company please feel free to call me in confidence at 301.432.3882.