What Makes Your Propane Business Attractive To Buyers?

What Makes Your Propane Business Attractive To Buyers-

When the time comes to finally sell your propane company there are several factors you must consider. Finding the right buyer for your propane company can be tricky. In fact, that was the main reason we created this website. Our goal is to help propane business owners, just like you, understand all the “ins and outs” involved when selling your propane company.

One question Dan and I are asked frequently involves why one propane company may be very interested in purchasing a propane business yet another qualified propane buyer shows absolutely no interest. That is definitely a valid question, and I’m going to answer it to the best of my abilities.

There are several areas a propane business will look at when considering whether to buy your propane business, but for simplicity I’m going to narrow it down to what I consider to be the top five.

  • Tank Control—Percentage Of Company Owned Tanks
  • Your Propane Company’s Profit Margin
  • The Forecast Potential Of Your Propane Company
  • Your Propane Business’ Cash Flow History
  • Sound Historical Record Keeping For Your Propane Business

It’s important that you understand and are able to share this information with a business that is interested in buying your propane company. All of these topics need to be backed up and proven before you can even think about selling your propane company to an interested party.

If you need help understanding any of the important criteria listed above, Dan and I are here to help. Please feel free to call me directly at 301.432.3882 or Dan at 913.638.8677. We will gladly offer as much insight as we can detailing what you need to consider when selling your propane company.





Jeff Kerns

Executive Vice President
Business Development