A Letter to Potential Sellers

Dear Seller,

ThompsonGas is here to keep your legacy alive. We will continually provide opportunities for your employees to grow and we want you to always be proud of your decision to choose ThompsonGas.

Perhaps our biggest strength is our ability to systemize operations, bringing other propane businesses into the fold without missing a beat, specifically in regards to employee and customer retention as well as maintaining steady profits.

All of your employees will remain with ThompsonGas and actively contribute to increasing your original customer base after you decide to sell.

You deserve a trusted partner who cares as much about these issues as you do. Our well-financed acquisition model provides flexible options that the MLPs refuse to offer. Whether you’re looking to retire and leave the industry, or simply want to stay and grow the business, we’ll get you the capital you need without sacrificing your reputation or valuesSimply put, no other company will provide you more flexibility.


The ThompsonGas Acquisitions Team