Do Your Homework Before Deciding Who Will Buy Your Propane Company

TGA Homework Blog

It’s that time of year again when children are heading back to school and college students are swarming campuses across the country. Soon the days will get shorter, the nights will get longer and homework will be assigned. As you’re reading this I can almost hear what you’re thinking: “Jeff, I’ve been out of school for more years than I’d like to remember! Why are you bringing up homework?” The answer, Dear Propane Business Owner, is actually simple. When you’re considering the sale of your propane business, doing your homework is crucial!

It’s no secret; when it comes to selling your propane company, there are several buyers out there who will gladly make you an offer. It may be hard to resist the urge to look at how many numbers are scrawled across their proposal, but before you even get to that point you simply must do your homework. After all, this is the propane company that you’ve nurtured for the past several decades. Do you really want to sell your propane business to just anyone?

When researching potential buyers for your propane company, it’s necessary to gain a thorough understanding of who they really are. What are their values? How well will they take care of your propane client base and employees? Is the propane business you’ve selected the best possible fit for not just you, but everyone involved?

Investigate your options. It’s perfectly fine—highly recommended in fact—to evaluate all of your potential propane buyers in detail. Trust me, they will be doing the same due diligence on their end!

Dan and I, along with the entire ThompsonGas Acquisitions Team, welcome your questions regarding the sale of your propane company. We’re proud to be a solid resource for propane business owners both large and small that are considering selling their propane business.

You can always contact me directly at 301.432.3882 or Dan by calling 913.638.8677. Consider us well-versed propane tutors when it comes to excelling at your homework!