From Small Things Big Things One Day Come

Can I share something personal with you? I’ve been part of the ThompsonGas family for over 20 years, and I can honestly say I’ve seen quite a bit during this time. Just like you, I’ve experienced the ups and downs of the propane industry—brutal winters, fluctuating propane inventory and pricing, the difficulty of finding great employees, not to mention the complexities involved in exceeding customer expectations.

But guess what. I’ve loved every minute of it! Still do in fact. There’s something truly rewarding about going above and beyond the call in order to help others. That’s exactly why all of us here at ThompsonGas decided to create this website. Let me explain.

It’s never easy operating a business. Every day presents it’s own challenges to tackle and it seems like just when you solved one dilemma three more pop up overnight! Trust me, I get it! I also know that you’ve experienced the same thing. In my travels I’ve gotten to meet hundreds of propane owners, and, just like you, there are times when things get overwhelming.

If you could find a solution, a win-win as they say, that would empower you to answer all those lingering questions, all those “what ifs” that creep into your mind when you consider selling your propane company, would you take it?

All too often, business owners don’t even realize an easy solution is available. After one particularly long day on the road, I was driving back to my hotel remembering a conversation with a recent acquisition client. They shared with me how they wished they would have known earlier how easy it was to sell their propane company to us. This led me to ask, how could we as a company better convey all the benefits available when working with ThompsonGas? There had to be a better way to get the message out. Many propane owners perfer to investigate their options confidentially, in the privacy of their own home or office.

The rest, as they say, is history. I hope you’re finding this website helpful as you ponder what the next step for your propane company will be. Don’t forget to stop by frequently as Dan, Benny, George and even Randy will be sharing more stories, advice and news in the upcoming months.

If you would like to speak with me directly, please, don’t hesitate to call 301.432.3882. You can also email me at