Being Different is a Good Thing

Being Different is a good thing

Like leaves on a tree, no two propane acquisitions are the same. ThompsonGas understands that every propane company is unique, including our own. Here are a few reasons why ThompsonGas prides itself on being different, and why we believe that being different is a good thing.

  1. ThompsonGas will help make the process of selling your propane company easier on you and your employees. We will continually provide opportunities for employee growth and you will always be proud of the decision to choose ThompsonGas.

“If you’re ready to retire but want to leave your employees, customers and legacy in the best hands, you simply must choose ThompsonGas.”

 Luke Houlton Former Owner, L&P Propane

  1. As one of the leading acquisition teams in the nation, ThompsonGas prides itself not only on great service but also on its strong family values. ThompsonGas is one of the top 19 propane companies in the United States. Family owned and operated since 1946, ThompsonGas provides propane services to residential and commercial customers across ten states in the East and Southeast. 

“I can’t express how appreciative I am to Randy, Jeff and the entire ThompsonGas team for including my loyal employees in the ongoing success of the propane business. It’s been like joining a close knit family.”

 Luke Houlton, L&P Propane, Wetumpka, AL

  1. No other company will provide you with more flexibility. Whether you’re looking to retire and leave the industry, or you simply want to stay and grow with the business, ThompsonGas will get you the capital you need without sacrificing your reputation and values.

“ThompsonGas was great to work with. They followed through with their promises and the transaction couldn’t have been smoother. I recommend anyone thinking of selling your propane company to contact the team at ThompsonGas.” 

Charles Lesley, President, L & L Propane Gas, Red Bay And Tuscumbia, AL

  1. ThompsonGas has the ability to systemize operations, bringing other propane businesses into the fold without missing a beat, specifically in regards to employee and customer retention as well as maintaining steady profits.

“When researching a buyer for Cooperative Propane, I was determined to find an organization that would provide my employees the opportunity for growth. I carefully studied the path ThompsonGas was taking, confident with their future plans. It was obvious our team could contribute to this candidate’s vision. Since selling my propane business I’ve watched with great pride as our star employees have continued to evolve with ThompsonGas.”

Benny Gay, Cooperative Propane, Andalusia, AL

  1. If remaining active in the business is a priority, we’ve had great success in specific acquisitions in which the seller has selected to remain with ThompsonGas continuing their career. For some propane sellers, remaining active in the business is a priority. We have had great success in specific acquisitions in which propane sellers have selected to remain with ThompsonGas, continuing their career with a true industry leader.

“At ThompsonGas we are running at a rapid pace. Everyday, the level of excitement ramps up as we grow larger and larger. In fact, we are about to be operating coast to coast. How did this happen? Our gifted people made it happen. Skilled and competent employees in all positions contribute to this mission every single day. At ThompsonGas, we are focused on having the right people in the right places.”

George Koloroutis, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, ThompsonGas

When selling your propane company, consider ThompsonGas and the distinctive reasons why we are the best choice for you, your family, and the future of your business.

If you would like to explore your options, please feel free to contact us anytime for a confidential discussion.